March 6th, February 2021

ActivityStudio® Enhancements

  • Enhancements to Multi Tenant Capabilities
    • Ability to create custom attributes in master site and have it propagated to clients sites
    • Ability to export and import users and firewalls within Multi-Tenant environment
  • Forms, Queues and Site Improvements
  • Improvement of remote site performance via reduced click times
  • Ability for users to view future tasks in "My Queue"
  • Ability for user to only have access to activities they have permission to view for location activities and observations
  • Subscription Management
    • Ability to support renewals and trigger expiration notifications

  • Issue Remediation
    • Addressed issues pertaining to queue set filters, pdf reports and screen performance

Other Enhancements

  • Product Evaluation (PE)
    • Ability to create a unique PE test reference ID utilizing available PE data fields
    • Ability to restrict access of PE tests to only tests that a specific facility has conducted
    • Ability to rename aggregation level labels within PE test
  • Incident Management
    • Ability to "Send Email" when selecting a profile
    • Ability to hide credit fields when a case credit ID is denied by a complaints coordinator
  • Issue Remediation
    • Addressed various product issues pertaining to documents, incident management, onboarding, and pdf reports