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CMX1 for Grocery is the only Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) platform that helps you maintain quality, manage risk, ensure compliance and elevate performance — in your stores, across your supply chain, and for all your fresh and private label offerings.

Build loyalty with every shopping experience

Use intuitive, digital tools to measure and drive success, and run it as a daily process

LOVED BY: Retail Operations, Department Managers, Physical Safety, Food Safety

Our user-friendly app ensures your store personnel are doing the right activity at the right time, the right way - each and every time. Design and roll out daily operational routines that empower employees in your stores and every department to operate at their best. Task management, checklists, and inspections ensure your store centers and perimeters are clean and safe, product displays are optimized for effectiveness and food safety, and shoppers experience the consistency and quality they expect.

Maximize profitability and basket growth for every store

Boost efficiency and consistency, while reducing the cost to serve 

LOVED BY: Retail Operations, Department Managers, Asset Protection, Loss Prevention, Training, IT

Centralize your policies and Standard Operating Procedures, and deploy them as digital programs with automation and workflows at every location. Schedule checklists and inspections by shift, department, or for specific equipment. Digitize internal audits for field operations. The CMX1 app guides employees as they put your formula for success into action. Maximize profit and basket growth while reinforcing employee training, reducing shrink and waste, and improving safety and compliance.

Grow banner and brand loyalty with end-to-end private label management

Bring Own Brand products to market faster, and monitor and maintain product quality and supplier compliance.

LOVED BY: Merchants, Product Managers, Supply Chain Operations, Quality Assurance Leaders

CMX1's Private Label Product Management solution takes the complexity out of authoring product specifications and vetting and approving suppliers. Collaborate with suppliers and labeling and packaging designers to bring private label products to market faster and more efficiently. Workflow automation, notifications, and status reports accelerate time to market. Supplier audit, document, and certification management support ongoing monitoring of quality and regulatory compliance.

Maintain exceptional food safety from farm to table

Increase food safety, reduce waste, and speed the resolution of incidents, withdrawals, and recalls.

LOVED BY: Quality Assurance, Food Safety, Product Managers, Risk Managers, Warehouse Operations

Monitor food safety practices across your farms, suppliers, distributors, and stores. Empower quality assurance teams with a single view of store and vendor audits, ongoing product tests, inspections, and evaluation results. Deploy quality management processes that ensure ongoing compliance with FSMA, GFSI, HACCP, and other food safety standards. Speed the resolution of incidents involving people, equipment, or credit when quality requirements aren't met, and accelerate your response to any food recalls and withdrawals, including item-level traceability when every minute counts.

Meet Our Heroes

Behind every great brand stands a posse of hidden heroes who work hard to maintain Quality and Operational Excellence.

Elodie Thao Raleys

CMX1 for Grocery has taken what was once a largely manual process across multiple systems at Raley’s and enabled us to have a single solution with standardization and automation for how we manage our private label program. With plans to expand our offerings, we knew we needed a platform that allowed us to scale our management and monitoring practices across product quality and food safety, regulatory and supplier compliance, and ethical sourcing. From the ease of access and use to increased organization and efficiency, CMX1 allows us to focus on what matters most to our business — our commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality to our customers.

Elodie Thao
Senior Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager, Raley's
Richard Stith DeCA

Ensuring the health and safety of our patrons is paramount and CMX1 met our criteria for having a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution, both for our team and store personnel, including the automation needed to monitor and report progress to our leadership team in real-time.

Richard C. Stith, Jr.
Chief, Public Health Division for the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA)

CMX has been a tremendous partner to work with. Our operating environment is incredibly complex; we’re a global brand with locations around the world, our menu is diverse and we source from thousands of suppliers. It’s a tough problem to tackle and CMX was the right choice for us. With their platform, Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes have continued to aggressively scale, while maintaining control and oversight over supplier and product quality.

Diego Beamonte
Head of Quality Assurance for Restaurant Brands International

Predict your ROI

The CMX1 Platform is comprehensive, modular, and highly configurable — making it the ideal solution for hospitality brands of all sizes. It's also been independently proven to provide a significant Return on Investment (ROI), with our customers seeing a ROI anywhere from 110% to well over 200%. Want to know what your potential ROI might be with the CMX1 Platform? Jump over to our ROI Estimation tool to estimate your potential ROI in less than a minute.

Predict your ROI

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