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ActivitiesX1: Innovative Audits & Inspections Management System

Digitally transform any operations program with standards-driven inspections, audits, checklists, & more to ensure compliance across every location & facility in one automated platform


Paper-based programs & manual processes lack the automation and real-time visibility needed for employees to collaborate and act. This creates a disconnect between standards & execution—impacting guest experiences & the bottom line. Ditch these disparate processes and replace them with a singular digital solution for operational excellence with ActivitiesX1.

Features that power everyday excellence

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Create activities with ease via an intuitive visual form builder

Create & implement activities to transform critical processes & SOPs, drawing from  a rich library of questions & policies

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Automate flexible workflows, assignments & schedules, and data collection

Ensure execution & efficiency with flexible, automated workflows to establish repeatable business processes and recurring schedules for your programs
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Close the loop on issues & prevent them from happening again

Automated corrective action & preventative action (CAPA) capabilities empower you to define protocols for issues and provide recommendations with enforced timeframes
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Complete tasks anytime, anywhere with mobile optimization

Perform activities anytime, anywhere with native, mobile applications—with the ability to work offline and sync later
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Streamline shift, area, & equipment management

Manage areas for multiple sites at a single location that require regular operational routines, as well as schedule tasks for shifts & equipment that are unique to those areas
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Harness powerful, actionable reporting & insights

Leverage centralized reporting to measure against your goals in real time & drive continual operational improvements
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
    • “We consider ActivitiesX1 to be a game-changer. With it, we are better able to manage and maintain high-quality standards and consistency across all of our sports bars. And the intuitive interface makes it very easy for our team to develop and execute programs to ensure all sports bars are compliant and operating with consistency. The impact on operational excellence has been impressive and immediate.”



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