QualityX1 for quality management

Control quality more efficiently with product specifications, activities, monitoring & testing, and real-time reporting.


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To achieve excellence, quality & safety must be a cornerstone concept of your product and service designs from the start. And once implemented, you have to stay on top of data management, with the right technology to scale your quality management practices. CMX1 equips you with the tools you need to design & control product and service quality, safety, & compliance so you can protect your customers today while innovating for the future.


Unify workflows, systems, & people

  • Product specifications

    Centralize all product information in a single platform to achieve consistency, compliance, & quality. CMX1 helps you more efficiently manage product specifications from ideation to approval—and every revision and variation thereafter. Our product specifications solution empowers teams to create, control, manage, and track all finished & raw material product specifications, formulations, & ingredients. Take advantage of features for workflow automation, task management, notifications, & supplier collaboration to automate the creation & approval process from initial draft to finalized status. 

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  • Monitoring

    Maintain and continuously monitor product quality & safety. Whether receiving results from external labs via data feeds, performing product evaluations internally, or collecting inspections from partners, CMX1 stores all microbiological, chemical, sensory, physical, nutritional, and allergenic information in a single, consolidated view. Our monitoring solution provides visibility into ongoing product tests & results, flags high- and low-performing partners, identifies systemic issues that may require a change to the specification, and provides closed-loop corrective & preventive action workflows to ensure critical non-conformances are being addressed. 

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  • Temperature monitoring & integrated IOT

    Further automate data collection. Integrate with sensor networks and seamlessly connect with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices, including barcode scanners, temperature probes, digital scales,  and other IOT devices. 

  • Activity management

    Eliminate the disconnect between standards and front-line execution. Ensure compliance by creating standards-driven activities & checklists and conducting audits, assessments, & inspections in one automated, integrated solution. Take advantage of our fully self-serviced visual-form builder, flexible workflows, automated assignments & scheduling, corrective & preventative actions, and web & mobile optimization for performing activities online or offline. 

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  • Document management

    Prevent wasted time & energy searching with a streamlined document repository. Our document management solution does the heavy lifting by automating the collection & storage of documents by key attributes. You can target brands & locations with the specific documents you need, and automate workflows & tasks against your requirements for documents, policies, acknowledgements, third-party audits, certifications, and more.  

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  • Reporting & insights

    Stop hassling with reporting that’s disparate, hard to interpret, and lacking actionable insights. Our centralized reporting gives you a single-pane view complete with data visualizations, KPIs, PDF reports, and more. Additionally, our fully integrated, self-service BI reporting helps you democratize data, empower users across the organization, and understand performance at all levels of your organization. 

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  • raleys-1
    • “CMX1 has taken what was once a largely manual process across multiple systems at Raley’s and enabled us to have a single solution with standardization and automation. With plans to expand our offerings, we knew we needed a platform that allowed us to scale our management and monitoring practices across product quality and food safety, regulatory and supplier compliance, and ethical sourcing.”



  • buffalo-wild-wings-1
    • “We consider CMX1 to be a game-changer. With it, we are better able to manage and maintain high-quality standards and consistency across all of our sports bars. And the intuitive interface makes it very easy for our team to develop and execute programs to ensure all sports bars are compliant and operating with consistency. The impact on operational excellence has been impressive and immediate.”



  • captain-D-1
    • “The ability to automate tasks and workflows allows our quality assurance team to focus on building relationships with our suppliers, distributors, and franchisees, and make sure food quality meets our high standards.”



CMX1 & Mojix together

Comprehensive food safety & traceability for FSMA 204


A comprehensive solution for ongoing supplier, food quality, and safety management with granular traceability for when issues arise.


Frequently asked questions

How does the X1 Mobile App drive operational excellence in the field?
The app enhances operational excellence by providing mobile access to CMX1’s tools to front-line teams, ensuring quality and compliance through real-time data and reporting capabilities regardless of online or offline connectivity. 
How does the X1 Mobile App support quality management activities in the field?
To ensure quality checks and compliance measures are accurately recorded, the X1 Mobile App enables field teams to use their mobile devices for comprehensive data capture and documentation. 
How does the X1 Mobile App maintain operational standards without internet access?
The app's offline mode allows seamless data capture and later synchronization, ensuring no disruption in quality and compliance activities, thus upholding operational excellence. 
What features does the X1 Mobile App offer to support operational decision-making?
With real-time alerts and reporting, the app empowers users to make informed decisions, driving continuous improvement and operational excellence even when mobile.
What advanced data capture options does the X1 Mobile App offer?
The X1 Mobile App includes capabilities for extended data capture using device cameras, attachments, Bluetooth, and local storage, ensuring that users can collect and save data even when offline.
How does PartnerX1 enhance the onboarding process for new partners?
PartnerX1 automates and simplifies the onboarding of suppliers and distributors through intelligent forms to guide users through every step of onboarding processes, reducing time & cost associated with onboarding and ensuring a seamless integration into your quality management processes.
Can PartnerX1 help ensure that my partners adhere to our quality standards?
Yes, PartnerX1 integrates quality management solutions that evaluate partner quality & compliance with your brand standards and regulatory requirements.
What document management capabilities does PartnerX1 offer for partnership management?
PartnerX1 streamlines document management, mitigating risks & simplifying compliance with regulations by automating requirements for documents across partners
How does PartnerX1’s reporting contribute to effective partnership management?
PartnerX1’s reporting provides real-time updates, performance metrics, and actionable insights in a single system for confidently managing supply chain performance, compliance, and overall effective partner management
In what way does PartnerX1 support enterprise quality management solutions?
Ongoing quality management with partners is a core element of PartnerX1, ensuring all partners meet the high-quality standards & compliance expected in enterprise-level operations.
How does QualityX1 streamline the management of product specifications for quality assurance?
QualityX1 centralizes all product information to enhance consistency, compliance, and overall product quality from ideation to approval—and every revision thereafter.
Can QualityX1 improve the monitoring of product quality and safety?
Yes, QualityX1 further automates data collection by integrating with sensor networks and seamlessly connects with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices
Does QualityX1 integrate with IoT for advanced quality monitoring?
QualityX1 allows integration with sensor networks, leveraging IoT capabilities to automate data collection for quality management.
How does QualityX1 ensure the effective management of quality-related activities?
QualityX1 eliminates gaps between standards and execution by providing tools for creating and managing standards-driven activities and checklists.
In what way does QualityX1 provide insights for better quality management?
QualityX1 delivers centralized reporting, real-time updates, data visualizations and KPIs, trend reporting, comprehensive record keeping, and more to gain quick insight into ongoing quality, risks, and corrective actions.
How does CMX1’s solution enhance quality management in the grocery industry?
CMX1 provides specialized tools to ensure product quality and safety from the supplier to the shelf, crucial for maintaining high standards in grocery operations.
What role does CMX1 play in achieving operational excellence for grocery stores?
CMX1 offers integrated systems to manage and improve daily store operations, aligning processes with industry best practices and brand standards for operational excellence.
Can CMX1 help grocery stores with compliance and safety management?
Yes, CMX1’s solutions are designed to empower compliance with safety regulations, ensuring that grocery stores can achieve and maintain high safety standards.
How can CMX1 assist grocery chains in managing their supply chain for better quality control?
CMX1 helps grocery chains optimize their supply chain management, ensuring quality control through enhanced traceability and vendor compliance monitoring.
What capabilities does CMX1 provide for managing product recalls in the grocery sector?
CMX1 provides an adaptive toolkit for driving effective recall process for the entire event journey, from initiation through resolution, safeguarding consumer trust and maintaining quality standards.
How does CMX1's manufacturing quality management system ensure product quality from start to finish?
CMX1's system provides end-to-end visibility and control, from raw material specifications to finished product approval, essential for maintaining high-quality standards in manufacturing.
What role does CMX1 play in enforcing safety and quality in manufacturing operations?
Through CMX1, manufacturers can ensure compliance with integrated policy management, activity scheduling, and comprehensive auditing, reinforcing both safety and quality.
How does CMX1 help in the management of suppliers to maintain manufacturing quality?
CMX1 automates supplier evaluations, ensuring that all partners meet the stringent quality standards required in manufacturing processes.
Can CMX1's system aid in risk management for manufacturing firms?
Yes, CMX1 provides a comprehensive risk solution for incident and recall management, along with real-time reporting & insights needed to identify & correct issues and mitigate future risks.
What insights does CMX1's reporting provide for manufacturing quality management?
CMX1 offers integrated reporting and analytics to assess performance across various parameters, enabling quick action and supporting continuous quality improvement.

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