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The X1
mobile app  

Don’t tether your teams to a back office computer— keep them on the front lines with the X1 mobile app.

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Keep teams connected & productive no matter where they are

  • X1 mobile app assignments-1
    Assignments are tailored by user and sorted by due date for easy, on-time completion. Intuitive features for media, notes, attachments, and more drive optimal efficiency when completing activities.
  • X1 mobile app checklist-1
    Checklists are built to be fast, intuitive, and mobile-friendly, with the filters, views, and quick links to information team members need to successfully complete their audit, assessment, or inspection tasks.
  • X1 mobile app question-1
    The X1 mobile app's user interface is purpose-built to give team members the views they need to be productive in the field, like single-question views that are easier to read and answer while on the move.

To ensure the right people have the right info at the right time, give them  an agile, mobile solution that goes where they go. Our native app has all the great features of the X1 platform—with added convenience and accessibility.


Features that power everyday excellence

  • Intuitive navigation

    "Guide Me" functionality, explicit navigation buttons, and findings filters create a seamless user experience.

  • Extended data capture

    Cameras, attachments, Bluetooth, and local storage can be used to capture data and persist it without an internet connection.

  • Automatic syncing

    Our system handles all syncing in the background—requiring no effort or configuration from users.

    When working offline, data & artifacts will sync once connectivity is detected.

  • Real-time reporting

    Enhanced drill-down capabilities, hierarchical views, and customized displays ensure your teams stay informed and are equipped to drive action. 



Frequently asked questions

What advanced data capture options does the X1 Mobile App offer?

The X1 Mobile App includes capabilities for extended data capture using device cameras, attachments, Bluetooth, and local storage, ensuring that users can collect and save data even when offline.

What features does the X1 Mobile App offer to support operational decision-making?

With real-time alerts and reporting, the app empowers users to make informed decisions, driving continuous improvement and operational excellence even when mobile.

How does the X1 Mobile App maintain operational standards without internet access?

The app's offline mode allows seamless data capture and later synchronization, ensuring no disruption in quality and compliance activities, thus upholding operational excellence. 

How does the X1 Mobile App support quality management activities in the field?

To ensure quality checks and compliance measures are accurately recorded, the X1 Mobile App enables field teams to use their mobile devices for comprehensive data capture and documentation. 

How does the X1 Mobile App drive operational excellence in the field?

The app enhances operational excellence by providing mobile access to CMX1’s tools, ensuring quality and compliance through real-time data and reporting capabilities.

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