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IncidentsX1: Your Solution for Effective Incident Management

Automate the entire incident management process—from reporting to resolution—to expedite issue resolution, curb customer dissatisfaction, and mitigate future risks


Identifying systemic issues and taking swift action is critical in risk mitigation. However, creating an action plan and resolving issues is often more challenging than it needs to be. Responsibility often falls on a third-party system (e.g., call center, email, spreadsheets), creating a disconnect with other systems of information. The result is a disparate and challenging process, with a spiderweb of manual emails and follow-ups in an attempt to resolve issues among all parties. And a lot is at stake—delays in resolving issues and getting out credit or replacement products costs money and can impact customer satisfaction. IncidentsX1 provides you & your employees an easy-to-use, automated form system for reporting and quickly resolving issues.

Features that power everyday excellence

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Intelligent incident reporting forms

Simple reporting forms allow anyone to input raw information that is actioned  into an automated  incident creation process for tracking, collaboration, & closure
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Anonymous incident reporting

Anonymous incident reporting via web form provides any user (internal or external) the ability to discreetly & anonymously report an incident
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Automated case management

Intelligent case workflows leverage relationship & product data to route issues to the appropriate parties for resolution
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Automated credit or replacement resolutions

Expedite issue resolution & avoid customer dissatisfaction by automatically delivering the appropriate credits or replacement products back to your locations
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Notifications, escalations, & task management

Keep all parties up to speed & informed at every step of the incident process with notifications, escalations, and task management to expedite resolution and  mitigate future risk
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Monitoring, trend reporting, & corrective actions

Leverage a single source of truth in the X1 platform to identify trends, notify stakeholders, & initiate the proper corrective actions to close the loop & stop future issues from occurring
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    • “After implementing CMX1's incident management, we've experienced measurable improvements in our speed to respond and resolve product-related issues. Working with CMX1 was an easy choice.”



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