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DocumentsX1: Advanced Enterprise Document Management Systems

Automate the collection & storage of documents in one central location to ensure document governance, track compliance, & improve productivity


Organizations often deal with a significant amount of documentation and can find themselves bogged down by the tedious task of keeping track of all that paperwork, ensuring its up-to-date as requirements change or documents expire. This challenge is only compounded by the fact that typically these documents are stored across disparate locations like emails, hard drives, or physical binders. DocumentsX1 is designed specifically to lighten the load and arm you with the required, up-to-date documents exactly when you need them, and ensures ongoing compliance for your partners, products, and programs. 

Features that power everyday excellence

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Self-service configuration at your fingertips

Leverage a self-serve wizard to control document creation, versioning, applicability requirements, access rights, workflow management, & more

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Transform document requirements into ongoing management

Define document requirements & mapping across your operational ecosystem & supply chain to automate ongoing maintenance, requests, & renewals to drive efficiency and compliance across all parties
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Expedite document collection

Automate the entire document collection process—including the creation of tasks, workflows, notifications, & more
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Automate document tracking & compliance

Gain real-time insight on tracking, compliance, & reporting to always be in the know on your documents’ status and processes
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Optimize deep integration with CMX1 workflows

Store, manage, and renew documents for a single source of truth across the X1 platform's solutions & workflows
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Leverage enterprise-grade dashboards & reporting

Monitor, manage, and report on documents across all departments, business entities, and core business functions
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    • “We went through an exhaustive search and evaluation, reviewing nearly 20 solutions before choosing to work with CMX1. CMX1's user experience, user interface, and capabilities are far superior to everything else out there. Having all our programs, content, and results in a single platform allows for the visibility needed to help our franchisees focus on continuous improvement.”



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