SpecsX1: Advanced Product Specification Management System

Efficiently manage product specifications from ideation to approval—and every revision & variation thereafter


To achieve excellence, quality & safety must be part of your product design from the get-go. This requires powerful & accurate data management of all product specifications. SpecsX1 provides the tools to innovate and quickly bring new products to market with control and safety. Take advantage of features for workflow automation, task management, notifications, & supplier collaboration to automate the creation & approval process—from initial draft to finalized status.

Features that power everyday excellence

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Full lifecycle management with workflow automation

Leverage automated workflows to ensure consistency, compliance, & safety through  every step of the product specifications process
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Customizable specification templates

Automatically collect all the custom information  you need to approve suppliers for production—no matter how simple or complex your specification processes
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Control ingredient sourcing & multi-tier mapping

Manage & mitigate risks by identifying, mapping, & tracking supplier sourcing with multi-tier mapping
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Automate tasks, notifications, escalations,& more

Ensure every participant knows exactly what is needed at every step in the process via notifications, escalations, & task management
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Collect nutrition, allergen, & other critical product information

Automatically collect & calculate  critical product information for internal applications and across partners—including nutritional values, allergen declarations, product certifications, and more
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Easily compare specification revisions & variations

Quickly identify changes or differences between versions with visual comparison tools
  • Raleys
    • “CMX1 has taken what was once a largely manual process across multiple systems at Raley’s and enabled us to have a single solution with standardization and automation. With plans to expand our offerings, we knew we needed a platform that allowed us to scale our management and monitoring practices across product quality and food safety, regulatory and supplier compliance, and ethical sourcing.”



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