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InsightsX1 for
reporting & insights

Establish KPIs, measure ongoing performance, and drive targeted actions with centralized reporting & self-service BI 

Reporting Activity Dash
Reporting CAP Review


Operate with a single source of truth

  • InsightsX1 master activity dashboard
    Create the activity overviews you need for an at-a-glance assessment of completed activities, top issues, corrective action status, comparisons by any attribute (e.g., region, brand, location), and more.
  • InsightsX1 CAP overview
    Dig in more deeply on your corrective action plans to understand their location, trends, top producers, open versus closed status, average duration, and more.
  • InsightsX1 supplier audit
    Quickly assess and compare your suppliers by building dashboards that help you understand their audit status, top issues, scores over time, open corrective action plans, and more.

Obtain a single source of truth through centralized enterprise reporting with user-friendly data visualization, KPIs, PDF reports, and more. Our fully integrated, self-service BI reporting helps you democratize data, empower users across the organization, and understand performance at all levels of your organization.


Features that power everyday excellence

  • Business reporting & data visualization

    CMX1 uses “smart data grids” to organize all records and information stored in the X1 platform. Users have complete control over the inclusion or exclusion of specific columns, their order, and sort logic—customizing views  to what is most beneficial. Additionally, advanced filtering allows for on-the-fly report building while visualization options give users the ability to view data as a grid, chart, map, and more.

  • Integrated business intelligence (BI) reporting

    Democratize data, empower users, and understand performance at every organizational level with real-time data integration through Tableau’s BI analytics & visualization platform. This  widely favored and easy-to-use solution makes it easy for anyone in your organization to understand and leverage the data—from casual users needing to make high level, data-driven decisions to advanced data lovers wanting a more granular view through complex calculations and deeper slicing & dicing.

  • Granular reporting capabilities

    The X1 platform’s master data management gives you unrivaled capabilities for generating custom reports to meet your complexity needs. Drive complex score calculations, including breakdowns by region, brand, location, department, reporting tags, and more. Generate multiple leave-behind PDF reports with distinct configurations to uniquely serve the stakeholders across your business. 

  • Advanced data availability

    Go beyond the custom leave-behind report and leverage our Tableau and Snowflake data integration to interrogate your data in limitless ways and generate the targeted insights you need. You can also embed these highly custom reports across the X1 platform with added filters and permissions to further empower your users. 

  • APIs for external data use

    If these listed features aren’t enough, your team always has the ability to export data from the X1 platform and make use of it externally. The data is yours to export from queues, run scheduled jobs, or access via APIs at any time.



Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to automate reporting processes with the X1 Platform?

Yes, automation is a key feature, which streamlines reporting, saving time and resources and contributing to a culture of efficiency and excellence.

Can I tailor reports on the X1 Platform to fit my business needs?

Absolutely, the platform allows you to customize reports to focus on specific metrics relevant to your business objectives. 

How does the X1 Platform’s reporting feature aid in decision-making?

With real-time data and analytics, the reporting feature provides insights that inform strategic decisions, indirectly supporting operational excellence goals.

What type of reports can the X1 Platform generate to help with quality management?

The platform creates comprehensive reports that aid in monitoring and improving quality management processes, contributing to operational excellence.

What makes the X1 Platform's reporting tools beneficial for an organization seeking to improve its operations?

The tools translate data into actionable insights, which are crucial for identifying areas for operational improvement and excellence.

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