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JLA Advisors Complete ROI Study

Learn about the CMX1 ROI study and how it quantifies the efficiency gains, operational improvements, and risk management benefits of using the CMX1 Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) platform.

In the fall of 2021, we commissioned JLA Advisors to conduct a Return on Investment (ROI) study with our customers, and to utilize the findings to develop an in-depth ROI calculator to be used with prospects and current customers.


The ROI study was designed to identify and quantify the efficiency gains, operational improvements, and risk management benefits of using the CMX1 Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) platform for a variety of use cases across several industries.


To begin the study, JLA Advisors conducted one to two-hour interviews with executives and business owners across CMX’s customer base. Participants were evenly distributed across customers using CMX1 for managing supply chain quality, retail operations, and for internal auditing programs. Interview participants shared their operational scale and associated data, reasons for selecting CMX, how they are using CMX1, and the business value they’ve experienced to date from using the CMX1 platform.

Want to estimate your potential ROI? Jump to our ROI estimation tool, or get in touch to speak with one of our ROI experts for a detailed ROI analysis based on your specific needs.


The Methodology

JLA Advisors took a multistep approach to evaluate the impact that the CMX1 platform can have on an organization:

  1. Due Diligence and Customer Interviews
    Interviewed CMX1 stakeholders and customers to gather data on the costs, benefits, and risks addressable by the CMX1 platform.
  2. Composite Companies and Industry Benchmarks
    Calculated composite values within the ROI Calculator based on the characteristics of the interviewed companies and industry benchmark data. Values can be customized to reflect any organization’s unique characteristics and workflow optimization potential.
  3. ROI Calculator
    Constructed a financial model representative of the interviews using the efficiency gain, operational execution, supply chain management, food safety, and quality best practices of the interviewed companies.
  4. ROI Impact
    Companies are employing increasing levels of sophistication regarding the ROI impact of software investments. The ROI Calculator provides a fully customizable, easy-to-use tool to construct a detailed business case for the CMX1 platform, backed by a complete picture of the factors creating business value for existing customers or impacting the purchase decision for prospects.


“By digitizing all auditing with CMX1, Hasbro has been able to double its suppliers and reduce the number of auditors and can now close an audit within 48 hours, including two review cycles. It also no longer needs third-party auditors. All audits are done in-house by highly trained professionals that are very familiar with our mitigation strategies.”

Nicholas Matlach, Director, Global Security Compliance at Hasbro


Creating Value and Delivering ROI

Participants shared common themes on the role CMX1 plays in their companies for digitizing and automating their business processes. Multiple interviewees were complimentary of the CMX team’s industry expertise and know-how. Customers noted they selected CMX1 due to its ability to centralize data, expedite content creation via smart forms, automate follow-up actions, provide a simpler and intuitive User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX), and enable their business process workflows.

Across all use cases, the interviews revealed substantial ROI driven by workflow efficiency gains and cost reductions. Of note, supply chain customers unlocked substantial additional ROI through increased supplier credits due to automating (a previously manual collection process at retail locations) for reporting and resolving product quality issues (aka product complaints). Customers also experienced a more indirect ROI from increased guest satisfaction, enhanced visibility into supplier performance, improved compliance, security, the protection of intellectual property (IP) via supplier audits, and reduced risk of product withdrawals and recalls.


Retail restaurant operations customers further noted improved product quality, food safety, operational efficiencies, and cost reductions. The scale of the ROI achieved was also dependent on the companies’ current workflows, cost structure, and the number of CMX1’s modules deployed.


Ready to create your new technology business case?

Would you like us to help you create a new technology business case? Get in touch with our team to calculate your unique, detailed ROI from implementing one or more CMX1 Platform modules, or jump to our online ROI estimation tool for an indicative ROI estimation based on findings from our ROI study.