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PoliciesX1: Streamlining Procedures with Our SOP Management System

Digitally transform your brand standards, policies, & procedures to empower team members with the resources they need to complete any task


Your policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs)  are what turn your brand processes into a playbook for employees to deliver the optimal customer experience—and ensure the consistency of operations across locations. But often policies are created in disparate tools, updated & distributed manually after lengthy approval processes, and physically stored in binders on shelves. Ditch these old-school practices and replace them with a singular digital solution with PoliciesX1.

Features that power everyday excellence

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Implement digital authoring

Swap dusty old binders with a comprehensive solution for quickly & confidently publishing your materials to specific user groups or company-wide

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Create policies with a simple drag-and-drop designer

With a drag-and-drop visual designer, rich text editor, and document & media storage, empower team members with contextual  instructions, embedded multimedia, and supporting links

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Manage access & version controls

Ensure users only see what is applicable to their job function, location, region, and more with intuitive features for managing status, cloning, and versioning
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Immediate or scheduled publishing

Leverage approval workflows to get the right stakeholders engaged for policy updatespublishing to parties in real time or when appropriate

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Link your brand standards to questions in ActivitiesX1

Provide employees the direction they need, reinforce brand standards, and promote best practices when completing critical tasks
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Optimize the access & search of policies

Provide employees a simple means for finding & acting on the info they need, with searchable instructions, images, photos, multimedia, & links to supporting content
  • Raising Canes
    • “With CMX1, we can instantly engage with every restaurant, gathering real-time data or feedback. We can digitize simple to complex activities, from a manager doing a quick check to in-depth operational and brand standard audits conducted by specialized subject matter experts. CMX1 is essential for performance measurement, identification of opportunities, and automation of corrective action for continuous improvement.”



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