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Mitigate risk to your business, customers, and employees with activities, incident management, recall management, and real-time reporting 

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Businesses often lack the visibility and automation needed to quickly & effectively manage risk. That’s why we’ve built risk management solutions to help you better identify, assess, & control risk. Our single platform approach gives you a single source for managing incidents, recalls, compliance, & documents, with the automated workflows and reporting & insights you need to identify & correct issues and prevent them from happening again. 


Unify workflows, systems, & people

  • Incident management

    Stop putting your business at risk. Our incident management solution gives you and your employees an easy-to-use, automated system for reporting and quickly resolving product, delivery, employee, and guest-related issues. Case management tools and workflow automation speeds the process and ensures the appropriate parties are involved & the right steps are followed for resolution—giving  you a faster path to credits, replacements, or resolutions.   

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  • Recall management

    Ensure the health & safety of your customers and protect your brand. Our recall management solution supports the way recall teams operate in the real world, providing you with an adaptive toolkit for the entire event journey. Find security in the features you need to perform investigations, conduct targeted stakeholder engagement & communications, monitor event progress through role-based dashboards & hierarchical data, and maintain comprehensive records for historical views & benchmarking. You’ll also have access to mock event functionality to test your readiness.  

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  • Activity management

    Eliminate the disconnect between standards and front-line execution. Ensure compliance by creating standards-driven activities & checklists and conducting audits, assessments, & inspections in one automated, integrated solution. Take advantage of our fully self-serviced visual-form builder, flexible workflows, automated assignments & scheduling, corrective & preventative actions, and web & mobile optimization for performing activities online or offline.  

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  • Corrective & preventative actions

    Close the loop on issues and prevent them from happening again. Our automated corrective action & preventative action capabilities empower you to automatically identify issues, generate corrective action & preventative action plans, and automate closed-loop workflows to ensure issues are addressed in real-time and preventative measures are put in place. 

  • Document management

    Prevent wasted time & energy searching with a streamlined document repository. Our document management solution does the heavy lifting by automating the collection & storage of documents by key attributes. You can target brands & locations with the specific documents you need, and automate workflows & tasks against your requirements for documents, policies, acknowledgements, third-party audits, certifications, and more.   

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  • Reporting & insights

    Stop hassling with reporting that’s disparate, hard to interpret, and lacking actionable insights. We centralize reporting to give you  a single-pane view complete with data visualizations, KPIs, PDF reports, and more. Our fully integrated, self-service BI reporting helps you democratize data, empower users across the organization, and understand performance at all levels of your organization. 

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    • “I am super proud of our global implementation of the CMX1 platform to conduct global security audits. The technology is as amazing as it is impactful to the way we manage our risks across our supply chain.”



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    • “Ensuring the health and safety of our patrons is paramount and CMX1 met our criteria for having a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution, both for our team and store personnel, including the automation needed to monitor and report progress to our leadership team in real-time.”



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    • “After implementing CMX1's Incidents & Recalls, we've experienced measurable improvements in our speed to respond and resolve product related issues. Working with CMX1 was an easy choice.”




Frequently asked questions

How does CMX1 approach enterprise risk management?
RiskX1 provides a comprehensive, single platform approach for transforming risk management. This structured, integrated approach enables organizations to identify, assess, control, close the loop, and mitigate future risks more effectively.
How does RiskX1 contribute to a company's risk management strategy?
RiskX1 centralizes risk management, offering reporting and insights that engage users at all levels so team members know where they stand and what actions to take at all stages of an event.
What incident management capabilities does RiskX1 provide?
RiskX1 expedites incident processes with intelligent reporting forms, automated case workflows, automated credit & replacement products, advanced reporting, and more to close the loop on incidents and stop future issues.
Can RiskX1 help with risk prevention and mitigation?
Yes, RiskX1 automates incident processes to expedite issue resolution, initiate corrective & preventative actions, curb customer dissatisfaction, and mitigate future risks.
How does RiskX1 simplify and deliver actionable insights for risk management?
RiskX1 enables a unified view for streamlining risk management reporting, providing role-based & hierarchical dashboards, comparative & trend views for analysis, comprehensive record keeping, real-time Tableau data integration, and more.

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