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CMX1 for facilities management operational excellence

Empower your field teams with the standards & procedures, inspections, incident management, and reporting & insights they need to consistently meet standards at every facility.



Meet standards at every facility 

  • Standards & procedures

    Digitize your standards, policies, & procedures with the real-time instructions, examples, & checklists your workers need for facility compliance. We make it easy with digital authoring tools, access & version controls, immediate or scheduled publishing, standards to activities linking, and web & mobile optimization for access and search. 

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  • Inspections

    Ensure facility compliance by creating standards-driven activities & checklists and conducting audits & inspections in one automated, integrated solution. Take advantage of our fully self-service visual-form builder, flexible workflows, automated assignments & scheduling, corrective & preventative actions, and web & mobile optimization for performing inspections online or offline. 

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  • Incident management

    Give your workers an easy-to-use, automated system for quickly reporting and resolving facility issues. Case management tools and workflow automation speed the process and ensures the appropriate parties are involved and the right steps are followed for resolution.

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  • Facility, area, & equipment management

    Improve visibility and control by designing and scheduling inspections for specific facilities, areas at a facility, or specific equipment in your facilities.

  • Reporting & insights

    Have the centralized facility analytics you need for quick assessment and action. Our fully integrated, self-service BI reporting helps you compare performance across facilities, operations, teams, and more and quickly democratize the data for action exactly where needed. 

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Frequently asked questions

What insights can CMX1’s facilities management software offer to drive operational improvements?

CMX1's software offers BI reporting and analytics to compare performance across operations, which is crucial for continuous improvement towards operational excellence.

Can CMX1's facilities management solutions improve equipment and facility oversight?

Yes, CMX1 provides inspection scheduling and tracking capabilities to manage equipment and facilities, vital for achieving operational excellence.

How does incident management within CMX1 contribute to facilities operational excellence?

CMX1's incident management tools automate the reporting and resolution process, maintaining high safety standards integral to operational excellence.

What tools does CMX1 provide to ensure facilities meet high operational standards?

Through tools like visual-form builders and automated scheduling, CMX1 ensures that facilities consistently meet operational excellence benchmarks.

How does CMX1's facilities management solution promote operational excellence?

CMX1 offers a comprehensive system that streamlines facility compliance through digitized standards, procedures, and real-time reporting, fostering operational excellence.

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