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DeCA leverages CMX1 for product recalls worldwide

CMX1 Recall Management software automates the product recall process, allowing retailers to protect customers, mitigate risk and protect brand reputation.

238 Worldwide Locations  |  Essential Benefit and Service for Military and Federal Personnel 

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) headquartered in Fort Lee, Virginia, operates a chain of commissaries that spans across the globe, with 238 stores and distribution centers worldwide.

DeCA exclusively serves military personnel, veterans, and select federal employees. The crucial service they provide enables personnel and their families to have convenient access to groceries and household goods in the areas where they’re stationed.

The agency is also committed to further supporting military families by making products more affordable. Shoppers save thousands of dollars each year in comparison to getting similar products at commercial retailers.

A 5% surcharge on products goes toward modernizing existing commissaries and building new ones, holding true to DeCA’s mission of providing a safe, secure, and quality shopping environment.



Prior to leveraging CMX1, DeCA used a manual process for product withdrawal and recalls, which included a combination of email and phone notifications and a spreadsheet for tracking responses and reporting. With nearly 750 food and product recalls per year, the team sought to add additional automation to the process for managing responses and providing analytics and reporting.

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CMX1 Recall Management software allows food & beverage, hospitality, and retailers like DeCA to automate and streamline the product recall process – from initiation to resolution - with powerful features for:

Full Cycle Event Management

With CMX1, brands can execute a variety of event types and progressions including investigations, hold/release communications, and product withdrawal and recalls from initiation to recovery and resolution. This also includes the testing of recall procedures, supply chain partners, and retail location's readiness using mock recall functionality.

Automated Communication and Response Management

CMX1 Recall Management can communicate product identification and disposition instructions to 1000s of supply chain partners and locations simultaneously via email, voice, and text. Electronic data forms are used to quickly identify parties with and without stock, and capture quantities. Reminders and escalations ensure a prompt response.

Real-Time Event Monitoring

CMX1 automatically measures progress and reports status all in real-time. Whether it’s monitoring email, phone, and text messages delivered and opened, tracking acknowledgment receipts, or measuring response forms and amounts/percentage of product recovered—stakeholders are always kept in the loop and know the definitive status of events and actions taken.

“Ensuring the health and safety of our patrons is paramount and CMX1 met our criteria for having a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution, both for our team and store personnel, including the automation needed to monitor and report progress to our leadership team in real-time.”
Richard C. Stith, Jr.
Chief, Public Health Division for the Defense Commissary Agency
Chief, Public Health Division for the Defense Commissary Agency


about CMX1

CMX’s Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) helps highly regulated organizations manage supply chain partners, ensure product and service quality, and improve operational execution. Some of the world’s best known brands including Burger King, Hasbro, Arby’s, and Taco Bell choose to partner with CMX.

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