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CMX1 for Hospitality is an intuitive assessment and process automation platform built to empower the hidden heroes of Hospitality — the managers and teams with a relentless commitment to consistency, compliance, and delivering the ultimate guest experience, each and every day.

Hotel guest check-in

Deliver consistent & remarkable guest experiences

Use automated, digital quality assessments, checklists, and daily task delegation to maintain your brand standards at scale. Build loyalty and delight among your guests.

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Maintain visibility and operational excellence

Gain the real-time insight you need to protect your brand, make better decisions, and drive continuous improvement and growth. 

Make Operational Excellence Your DNA

Manage quality, safety and compliance across every location, with an intuitive assessment and process automation platform built for hotel, resort, cruise line and casino brands. CMX1 provides the control and visibility you need for rapid, confident decision making and continuous improvement.

Guest experiences that build loyalty and delight

Deliver everyday excellence with user friendly automation & assessments

LOVED BY: Guest Experience, Front Desk, Housekeeping

Empower staff to deliver an exceptional, consistent guest experience, each and every time. Our user-friendly, intuitive app ensures the right people are doing the right activity at the right time, the right way. Use CMX1 for Hospitality to automate quality assessments and daily activities that uphold your brand standards. Ensure staff are thoroughly trained, all hotel areas optimized for efficiency and compliance, and guest rooms exemplify comfort and cleanliness.

Consistent, exceptional restaurant and in-room dining

Digital tools for maintaining quality, food safety and efficiency.

LOVED BY: Kitchen, Food & Beverage

Food service team leaders rely on CMX1  to keep every aspect of their hotel's food preparation, service, and storage running smoothly. From upholding quality and cleanliness standards using digital checklists and daily routines, to automatically monitoring equipment using temperature sensors and other IoT devices, CMX1 makes it easy to automate your food safety program, while ensuring a consistently exceptional dining experience.

Operational excellence and efficiency, brand-wide

Top-down policy management, quality assessment and process automation 

LOVED BY: Operations, Quality, Human Resources

Regular, automated assessments linked to an integrated policy management system take the complexity out of maintaining ongoing excellence. Define the standards that make your brand exceptional, then deploy daily workflows and activities across every department and location, organized by shift to ensure quality outcomes. Exceptions and waivers can be used to accommodate specific properties, while their overall performance is surfaced in convenient dashboards.

Streamlined maintenance, safety and compliance

Uphold regulatory standards using automated workflows and policy management

LOVED BY: Engineering & Maintenance, Security, Risk & Assurance

There’s no room for error when it comes to your hotel's essential equipment and the safety of your guests. Water treatment and heating, sewage treatment, climate control, not to mention safety features such as external and common area lighting, pool signage, fire extinguishers, and exit signs are all paramount. CMX1’s digital checklists and automated task delegation ensure every piece of equipment is maintained according to specifications, and that safety and regulatory compliance is upheld at all times.

Visibility and control for rapid, confident decision making

Steer the ship with real-time dashboards, operational playbooks, and performance reports

LOVED BY: Operations, New Hotel Openings, Finance, Corporate

Some of the world’s top, multi-brand hospitality companies use CMX1 to empower their quality teams in the field, connecting auditors and consultants with franchisees and streamlining their collaboration during assessments. Dashboard visibility across every region allows corporate decision-makers to respond immediately to areas of risk and opportunity, and proven quality playbooks can be deployed to make new hotel openings predictable and efficient.

Meet Our Heroes

Behind every great brand stands a posse of hidden heroes who work hard to maintain Quality and Operational Excellence.


I am super proud to have been one of the first companies to pilot ActivityStudio® as part of our global implementation of the CMX1 platform for conducting Global Security audits. The technology is as amazing as it is impactful to the way we manage our risks across our supply chain.

Nicholas Matlach
Director, Global Security Compliance at Hasbro

CMX has been a tremendous partner to work with. Our operating environment is incredibly complex; we’re a global brand with locations around the world, our menu is diverse and we source from thousands of suppliers. It’s a tough problem to tackle and CMX was the right choice for us. With their platform, Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes have continued to aggressively scale, while maintaining control and oversight over supplier and product quality.

Diego Beamonte
Head of Quality Assurance for Restaurant Brands International

As we approach 1,200 locations, I couldn't even imagine trying to keep an eye on brand standards and food safety without a platform like ActivityStudio® in place. And for our corporate staff, be it at the Executive or Vice President level, to have this level of visibility into our opportunities and our strengths and areas that need improvement has been invaluable.

Rich Goodman
VP of Operations Services for Firehouse Subs

Predict your ROI

The CMX1 Platform is comprehensive, modular, and highly configurable — making it the ideal solution for hospitality brands of all sizes. It's also been independently proven to provide a significant Return on Investment (ROI), with our customers seeing a ROI anywhere from 110% to well over 200%. Want to know what your potential ROI might be with the CMX1 Platform? Jump over to our ROI Estimation tool to estimate your potential ROI in less than a minute.

Predict your ROI

You deserve a break

Grab a beverage and take a few minutes to dig into our hospitality related content and case studies — and learn how other brands are leveraging the CMX1 platform.

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