We're celebrating you — the everyday heroes of quality, safety, and remarkable guest experiences. Your job is hard, but you make it look easy.

The CMX1 Platform empowers these heroic brands
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Meet some of our everyday heroes

Like you, our #everydayheroes are all driven by the same question — how can we be even better?

While they cover a diverse range of industries and responsibilities including Guest Experience, Food Safety, Product Quality, Operational Excellence, Risk Management, Brand Protection, Compliance, or Training — they share a relentless commitment to continuous improvement that sets their brand apart by consistently delighting their customers.

In doing so, they inspire us to do the same.

Lindy Miller

Challenges, learning and continuous optimization come with food manufacturing, supply chain and logistics. Getting products from farm to fork is complex, and I thrive on finding solutions. No day is the same for a QA professional working in the restaurant industry, and I love that.

Earlier in 2022, Lindy was selected as the overall winner of Food Logistics’ 2022 Rock Star of the Supply Chain award. Read about Lindy's story and why she's an #everydayhero to the team here at CMX.

Nicholas Matlach

I know I am only one of countless others in the profession that keep the supply chains running and safe. Maintaining operational awareness without being there has been akin to getting dressed in the dark – until you turn on the lights, you can’t be sure how mismatched your intentions were to the outcome.

Long-time CMX client and friend, Nicholas Matlach, Director, Global Security Compliance at Hasbro, was awarded the overall winner of Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2022 Pros to Know Award. Read Nick's story, here.

Dr. Darin Detwiler

There will never be an end to pathogens in our food, but we can change the culture around food safety. To do so will require a Herculean Effort: an enormous amount of work, strength, and courage.

Dr. Darin Detwiler is an internationally recognized food policy expert, and literally wrote the book on Food Safety: Past, Present, and Predictions. We had the pleasure of interviewing Darin for our 'In the Loop with CMX' podcast, where he discussed how the tragic death of his 16-month-old son, Riley, from E. coli poisoning, lead him on a path to become one of the world's leading advocates for food safety.

You — our #everydayheroes

There are much easier jobs in the world. But it's never been 'just a job' for you.

For over a decade, we've been fortunate enough to work with some of the world's best-known brands, and with clients in roles like yours. We know just how hard your job can be sometimes, but we also see the impact your work has on ensuring customer safety, product quality, guest experience, and ultimately raising the bar for your respective industries. Thank you for your commitment to quality, safety, and everyday excellence.


I am super proud to have been one of the first companies to pilot ActivityStudio® as part of our global implementation of the CMX1 platform for conducting Global Security audits. The technology is as amazing as it is impactful to the way we manage our risks across our supply chain.

Nicholas Matlach
Director, Global Security Compliance at Hasbro

CMX has been a tremendous partner to work with. Our operating environment is incredibly complex; we’re a global brand with locations around the world, our menu is diverse and we source from thousands of suppliers. It’s a tough problem to tackle and CMX was the right choice for us. With their platform, Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes have continued to aggressively scale, while maintaining control and oversight over supplier and product quality.

Diego Beamonte
Head of Quality Assurance for Restaurant Brands International

As we approach 1,200 locations, I couldn't even imagine trying to keep an eye on brand standards and food safety without a platform like ActivityStudio® in place. And for our corporate staff, be it at the Executive or Vice President level, to have this level of visibility into our opportunities and our strengths and areas that need improvement has been invaluable.

Rich Goodman
VP of Operations Services for Firehouse Subs

With its unique ability to manage and bring visibility across multiple brands, CMX1 is designed to do the heavy lifting by centralizing data, decreasing paper, and enabling automation to ensure our suppliers are meeting our expectations and standards as we scale.

Byron Theodore
Senior Director, Global Quality Assurance for Inspire Brands

The impact on Operational Excellence has been impressive and immediate. We consider ActivityStudio® to be a game-changer. With ActivityStudio® we are better able to manage and maintain high-quality standards and consistency across all of our sports bars. ActivityStudio’s intuitive interface makes it very easy for our team to develop and execute programs to ensure all sports bars are compliant and operating with consistency.

Drew Roberts
Director, Brand Ops Performance at Buffalo Wild Wings
Aaron Clark (Resized)

Our operators leverage the data from these programs to inform decisions in the restaurants and make operational changes. They can look at the results in assessments to identify training gaps and understand where they may need to spend more time training their team.

Aaron Clark
Senior Project Specialist, Restaurant Food Safety Team at Chick-fil-A

ActivityStudio® is already proving to be a huge stride forward for us in terms of ease of use and efficiency. We went through an exhaustive search and evaluation, reviewing nearly 20 different solutions before choosing to work with CMX. ActivityStudio’s user experience, user interface, and capabilities are far superior to everything else out there. 

Kevin McCullough
Safety & Risk Team Lead at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®

Our decision simply came down to ActivityStudio® and CMX as a partner, being a better fit for our business. My jaw dropped when I saw how integrated ActivityStudio® already was – so many things are automatically taken care of through simple configurations and automation, What used to take hours can be accomplished in minutes. And with one platform, we have one system and no silos. 

Danielle Williams
Ops Services Manager at Checkers and Rally's

CMX1 gives us the tools we need to provide better oversight of our suppliers, as well as a new level of automation. The Supply Chain Management solution from CMX provides BBI a common management platform for all our suppliers, products and quality and compliance programs across the globe. It gives us the tools we need to provide better oversight of our suppliers, as well as a new level of integration, automation, and consistency that will allow us to scale our quality efforts as we continue to grow rapidly. 

David Abney
Vice President of Quality Assurance at Sonic Drive-In

CMX1 gives us the tools we need to provide better oversight of our suppliers, as well as a new level of automation. The Supply Chain Management solution from CMX provides BBI a common management platform for all our suppliers, products and quality and compliance programs across the globe. It gives us the tools we need to provide better oversight of our suppliers, as well as a new level of integration, automation, and consistency that will allow us to scale our quality efforts as we continue to grow rapidly. 

Lindy Miller
Sr. Director Supply Quality & Product Innovation at Bloomin' Brands Inc.

We are seeing much faster response times in identifying and addressing root causes for issues. We chose to work with CMX because of their proven technology platform, innovative design, and vision for ActivityStudio®.  ActivityStudio® gives us the ability to make updates and implement them to our system immediately. That flexibility and agility is critical when it comes to food safety and quality, which are paramount to Firehouse Subs and our brand mission of excellence.

Tim Foster
Senior Manager of Training for Firehouse Subs

Of all the options we evaluated, CMX was the straightforward choice. They were best on price and best on service. They understand our business and ActivityStudio® is ideally suited to our strategy. ActivityStudio® gives us a user-friendly, yet powerful platform to digitally transform our operations, quality, and safety efforts.

Isaac Morton
Vice President, Information Technology, at Sizzling Platter

We have achieved measurable impact since leveraging CMX’s technology. Brand Compliance Assessment scores have improved year over year, Key Operating Standards are allowing us to better execute on our strategic objectives to deliver an exceptional guest experience, and we are attaining new levels of success with lower-performing restaurants.

Tina Parsons
Director, Guest Experience at A&W Food Services of Canada
Richard Stith DeCA

CMX1 met our criteria for having a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution. Ensuring the health and safety of our patrons is paramount and CMX1 met our criteria for having a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution, both for our team and store personnel, including the automation needed to monitor and report progress to our leadership team in real-time.

Richard C. Stith, Jr
Chief, Public Health Division for the Defense Commissary Agency

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Even heroes need a break

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