What to look for in a supply chain QMS technology partner

Finding right Supply Chain Quality Management System is not a process that should be taken lightly, but how do you find the perfect technology partner too?

Finding the right Supply Chain Quality Management System (SCQMS) for your enterprise is not a process that should be taken lightly, nor should your decision be based solely on the system itself. Now, that’s not to say that finding an enterprise quality management solution that optimizes your business isn’t an essential factor in the decision-making process. It absolutely is. But you shouldn’t settle for just that. 

Many businesses make this mistake and wind up regretting the decision when they realize that, after the sale is made, the technology can't scale and the vendor is nowhere to be found.

But how do you find the right technology partner? Below, we’ll answer that and more. And if this piques your interest, we encourage you to download and read our eBook on this topic and more. 


What to Look for in a Technology Partner

As you go about the process of weighing your options, it’s important to do some self-evaluation. While many technology vendors can provide commodity solutions for simple problems, the task is infinitely more difficult when delivering mission-critical solutions for complex business functions, particularly along a multifaceted and complex supply chain. 

And just because a vendor is good at one thing, doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to handle your long-term organizational aims.  

According to a recent Michigan State study, the four primary sources of supply chain complexity are:

  • Customer accommodation including speed, visibility, product assortment and customization
  • Operations globalization including localization and regulations
  • Supplier complexity
  • General business and supply chain-driven complexity including technology turnover and mergers and acquisitions

With that in mind, you need to not only evaluate the technology solution provider, but also your own capabilities and resources. So, as you seek out a long-term relationship with a Quality Management System software vendor, it’s crucial that you ask the following questions:

  • What’s Their Experience? – Do your due diligence to ascertain the solution provider’s track record. You should not only know how long they’ve been in business but also confirm that they’ve successfully partnered with businesses such as your own. Have they had any failed implementations? Why?
  • Is There A Cultural Fit? – It’s essential that your QMS provider has expertise and success within your specific sector and operates on the same wavelength as you. As you begin initial discussions, try and determine - How they communicate, how they work with clients, and their company goals and philosophies.
  • Can They Fill The Gap?  – There will inevitably be elements of your operation that’s lacking or less than capable. Ideally, you want a partner that can provide resources and recommendations where you have deficiencies.  
  • Can They Handle Your Unique Requirements? – You may exist in a space that requires unique configurations or customization. If so, it’s vital to determine whether or not your partner can handle those specialized needs.
  • Will They Be A Thought Partner? – A vital part of your success will be determined by finding a thought partner who isn’t just selling you software but is also willing to get into the trenches with you and take ownership in your success.
Can They Handle A Global Supply Chain? – As Christina O’Handley of Inbound Logistics writes: "While many supply chains are globalizing, doing so will no doubt introduce more complexity. Beyond juggling transportation logistics, adopting a globalized supply chain means that you will need to stack and modify your products in order to accommodate the cultures of different markets. You will also need to consider legal and regulatory issues that can arise when working with different countries."

In order to handle the added complexity of a global supply chain, you need a partner 
and SCQMS system that is:

    • Dynamic and can be updated as requirements change
    • Able to handles multiple languages
    • Capable of seamless time zone management 
    • Secure
    • Technically capable in both the present and future


CMX1 – Your global and domestic SCQMS Partner 

Due to the complexities and pressures of managing a supply chain, it’s essential that you work with a Quality Management provider that doesn’t simply operate on a “sale then bail” principle. You need a partner who will come alongside you in the pursuit of Quality and Operational Excellence. 

CMX1 has a proven track record of partnering with global brands to ensure quality assurance in all facets of their business. Notable clients that we’ve helped achieve their quality management demands include Burger King, Popeyes, Tim Hortons, Outback, Fleming’s Steak House, Sonic Drive-In, Buffalo Wild Wings, Arbys, and Hasbro to name a few. We’re confident that we can help you too. 

So, if you want to find out more about how the CMX1 platform can help your business thrive, feel free to download our eBook here.  Or better yet... get in contact with one of our solution experts and let us show you CMX1 in action and how it can help you achieve and maintain Operational and Quality Excellence!