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Document Management

A handy product overview of CMX1's Document Management module in a handy, downloadable PDF format.

This Module Guide provides a great overview of CMX1's Document Management module.  Once you're set up, you'll have all the documents you need at the ready, any time, and you'll soon be wondering how your company ever managed to get by without it.

Whether it's legal and regulatory documentation needed for partner approval and ongoing compliance, or documents and certifications related to product claims, or documentation in regards to supplier operating procedures, food safety, and training programs - CMX1 has you covered. For many of our clients, this is a game changing solution, and it's available as part of CMX1 or as a stand-alone solution.

CMX1 Module Guides are brief but useful PDF booklets providing an overview of the various solutions that make up the CMX1 Platform, yet can also be implemented as stand-alone solutions. 

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