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CMX1 Strengthens Food Safety and Quality Assurance Solution with ConnectedFresh Partnership

New collaboration gives CMX1 customers the option to implement state-of-the-art food safety technology

New collaboration gives CMX1 customers the option to implement state-of-the-art food safety technology



SAN DIEGO, Ca. - August 31, 2023 - CMX1, the leading provider of enterprise, cloud-based quality, risk, and compliance management solutions for the world’s most trusted brands, has enhanced its offerings by partnering with ConnectedFresh, a leading digital measurement and tracking platform and solution for IoT food safety sensors and smart monitoring technology.  

Through this collaboration, brands working with CMX1 have the ability to install pre-configured, out-of-the-box sensors that track food temperature, energy consumption, restroom cleanliness, and more. With smart monitoring, automated logging, and real-time alerts, brands can promptly fix issues before they become widespread problems—resulting in reduced food waste, improved food safety, and enhanced brand integrity.

“Maintaining consistent product quality and safety is imperative to protecting a brand’s value, reputation, and customer safety,” said James Gunn-Wilkinson, CMX1 President & COO. “All proactive alerts set up through the ConnectedFresh sensors will trigger CMX1 corrective action workflows and ensure the right people are aware of any issues and can resolve them promptly. This partnership gives our customers even more ways to become proactive vs. reactive, mitigate risk, and achieve the quality and operational excellence their customers expect.”  

In addition to enhanced safety measures, ConnectedFresh solutions benefit users by eliminating tedious, manual processes (e.g., refrigerator temperature logging, cleaning schedules, power consumption monitoring) and creating a fully automated ecosystem that is scalable, sustainable, and customizable. This reduces human error, streamlines processes, and creates the efficiency and consistency needed to achieve everyday excellence—an outcome very much aligned with CMX1’s mission.  

“This partnership is a great example of ‘better together,’” said Jake Simon, ConnectedFresh co-founder & CEO. “CMX1 is already an established industry leader in enterprise quality and risk management and is helping some of the world’s most trusted brands create safer, higher quality experiences. We’re excited to provide those businesses with additional easy-to-use tools that simplify and automate monitoring practices—ultimately saving them labor, product, and efficiency costs.”


About ConnectedFresh

ConnectedFresh is an industry-leading digital measurement and tracking platform, specialized in supporting operations and facilities teams at grocery chains, multi-unit restaurants, c-stores, and beyond. Unlike traditional solutions in the market, ConnectedFresh integrates ready-to-go sensors that automatically digitize manual processes and reveal hidden data using advanced analytics and machine learning. ConnectedFresh’s unique offerings transform teams from being reactive to proactive, reducing operating costs, improving food safety, and enhancing equipment reliability. For more information about ConnectedFresh, visit or email

About CMX1

CMX1 is trusted by global businesses in over 160 countries to power everyday excellence. Our Enterprise Quality & Risk Management (eQRM) platform gives businesses integrated, easy-to-use solutions for automating quality, risk, and compliance—so they can more quickly and consistently deliver the quality, safety, and experiences their customers can trust (and have come to expect). For over a decade, our unrivaled suite of enterprise solutions have equipped businesses with a single source of truth from the front lines to the corporate office and across the entire supply chain. For more information, visit


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