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Hasbro's Nicholas Matlach overall winner of SDCE's 2022 Pros to Know

Congratulations to Hasbro's Nicholas Matlach and CMX client — winner of Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2022 Pros to Know Award!


Congratulations to Hasbro's Nicholas Matlach — the overall winner of Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2022 Pros to Know Award!

We're immensely proud of all of our clients — it's why we refer to them as 'the hidden heroes of quality and operational excellence', so it's always exciting to see them recognized for their outstanding work. 

Congratulations to our long-time client and friend, Nicholas Matlach, Director, Global Security Compliance at Hasbro for being awarded the overall winner of Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2022 Pros to Know Award!

The award recognizes outstanding executives whose accomplishments offer a roadmap for other leaders looking to leverage their supply chain for competitive advantage — as long-time partners with Nicholas and the Hasbro team, we know that he's a very well deserved winner 👏

“By digitizing all auditing with CMX1, Hasbro has been able to double its suppliers and reduce the number of auditors and can now close an audit within 48 hours, including two review cycles. It also no longer needs third-party auditors. All audits are done in-house by highly trained professionals that are very familiar with our mitigation strategies. During the challenges of the pandemic, this capability allowed Hasbro to transition to virtual desk audits performed remotely without missing a beat,” Matlach says.

“I know I am only one of countless others in the profession that keep the supply chains running and safe,” Matlach says. “A truth, perhaps never more starkly realized than during the pandemic, is that all the plans, policies and proscriptions in the world, when issued from a distance, can’t guarantee that you know what is truly happening on the ground. Being physically present in a place and witnessing process in action has become a luxury rarely afforded in this environment. Maintaining operational awareness without being there has been akin to getting dressed in the dark – until you turn on the lights, you can’t be sure how mismatched your intentions were to the outcome.”

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