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Welcome to CMX1 Deep Dives — our webinar series where we delve deep into different aspects of the CMX1 Platform, covering client use-cases and feature-rich demos designed to help our clients get the most out of new and time-tested features.



Want to know more?

This CMX1 Deep Dive takes us deep into CMX1’s Policy Management Framework's expansive new features.

We'll dive into how our customers are using CMX1's Policy Management module to create rich content, target applicability, and publish Policies, Procedures and other types of content to key internal personnel and partners.

With this new Policy Management release, everyone at every level of your organization will know what’s truly important and how to execute it.  

We’ll also cover how easy it is to measure execution against brand & regulatory standards through ActivityStudio’s deep integration with Policy Management, and how policies are automatically integrated into BI reporting for deep insights.

Be sure to sign up even if you can't make the live webinar - we'll share the full replay so you don't miss a beat. 


Key features we'll cover in this session, include:
  • - Define & create multiple types of records (Policies, Procedures, etc.)
  • - Map applicability with business rules to specific types of locations and user profiles (e.g. This policy applies to     these locations)
  • - Manage and compare versions over time
  • - Create policy variations for policies that have slight variations in content by geography, type of location, etc.      for pinpoint location accuracy
  • - Create rich hierarchies and relationships between records for easy exploration and linking
    • - Allow locations to apply for waivers to specific policies so that when audited, scoring can be adjusted for            extenuating circumstances

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