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CMX1 Deep Dives #1 How to automate incident management with our latest innovations

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Welcome to CMX1 Deep Dives — our webinar series where we delve deep into different aspects of the CMX1 Platform, covering client use-cases and feature-rich demos designed to help our clients get the most out of new and time-tested features.
This CMX1 Deep Dive webinar replay takes us deep into CMX1’s latest Incident Management capabilities: Smart Forms, Automated Workflow Shortcuts, and the Escalations Engine.
Learn how some of our customers are already leveraging these latest CMX1 innovations to boost efficiency and save time and money! 



Want to know more?

In a traditional implementation, each case that gets submitted will be reviewed by a gatekeeper who makes a determination about what needs to happen next.  Oftentimes, this gatekeeper doesn’t even get the information they need, and much back-and-forth is required to determine next steps.  This is a costly, inefficient process that collects zero data for long-term trending and reporting.  

With CMX1, it’s now possible to set up smart forms with case types and conditional fields that map to product categories, sub-categories, and even individual products.  This capability lets our customers set up smart decision trees to ensure all relevant information is gathered for specific scenarios– from emergencies to product quality issues to distributor service problems.  From there, the system can trigger specific workflow steps based on the comprehensive and specific information that is collected in these key fields.  The system can then automatically route the case to a supplier, distributor, or other party, notifying key constituents in the process.  The internal team has a clear overview of which cases are assigned to what parties, and why. 

Since it can be difficult in large decentralized environments to track everything 1-by-1, especially with so much automation taking place, the CMX1 Incident module recently introduced an escalations engine that allows users to set up business rules and thresholds for email escalations.  This early warning system will e-mail (and in the near future, text) key personnel when critical thresholds have been reached within a certain time period, such as “5 or more complaints relating to foreign objects for a specific product within 5 business days”.  

Best of all, this functionality is all accessible to our customers through the UI for on-going management and upkeep, so that your team can stay up to speed with the rapidly-changing environment we all operate in.

As as you'd expect from the most configurable EQMS available — CMX1, every attribute in each case is accessible and reportable in our fully-integrated BI tool.  We’ll share how clients are getting best-in-class dashboards to detect trends and understand patterns that help shape the business decisions they will make to drive quality and reduce risk.

Grab your popcorn and click play to watch the full webinar replay!

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