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Luna Grill Automates their Supply Chain and Drives Quality with CMX

Learn why Luna Grill chose to partner with CMX to automate their supply chain and drives quality with the CMX1 EQMS Platform.

Founded in 2004 by husband-and-wife team Sean and Maria Pourteymour, Luna Grill is a pioneer in the fast-casual segment, with locations throughout California and Texas.

Their contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, made fresh daily, ranges from kabobs, falafel, salads and hummus, to wraps, desserts, and wine—all served in a fast-casual setting.



Luna Grill’s menu is all about freshness. They are non-GMO and don’t source anything pre-processed—which means there’s a lot of prep happening in their kitchens.

For them, it’s critical to follow the correct food safety procedures and have the ability to track all of their ingredients and raw materials from their sources.



Luna Grill selected the CMX1 platform and will leverage the automated, single-platform approach for:

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), including supplier onboarding and management of approved suppliers. 
  • Product and ingredient sourcing as well as supplier compliance and performance
  • Expediting and automating product lifecycle management and product commercialization processes
  • Managing and monitoring overall food safety and quality assurance
  • Resolving non-conformances from audits and product quality incidents experienced by suppliers



As part of the CMX1 platform, Luna Grill is also using ActivitiesX1® to develop and execute quality, safety, and operational checks at each restaurant—ensuring that corrective actions are taken as needed. This helps them simplify and optimize back-of-house restaurant operations while ensuring front-of-house team members are prioritizing guest experience at all times.

ActivitiesX1 digitizes a myriad of tasks: food safety and temperature monitoring, facilities and equipment evaluations, employee pre-shift and wellness checks, sanitation and cleanliness protocols, brand standards compliance checks, and more.

All activities available in ActivitiesX1 are also available in Spanish for Luna Grill’s bilingual restaurant teams, making the software more accessible to a broader range of employees.

“The CMX1 platform is strategic to Luna Grill in many ways, from quality and safety to brand standards and risk mitigation. Above all, it will elevate our ability to provide an exceptional guest experience—because our business is truly all about what we're delivering to the guest. Luna Grill is growing, and we have confidence in our future. Teaming up with CMX will help us further set ourselves up for success.”
Michelle Goncalves
Senior VP, Restaurant Excellence, Luna Grill
Senior VP, Restaurant Excellence, Luna Grill


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From sourcing to prepping, cooking, plating, and delivering—Luna Grill manages and monitors all safety and quality processes more efficiently with CMX1. It also gives them a strong foundation for quality and food safety as they scale their brand, and the number of restaurants in the years to come.