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Episode #1 — In the Loop with Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs® is a fast-casual restaurant chain with a passion for hearty and flavorful food, heartfelt service, and public safety.

Firehouse Subs Adopts CMX1 to Gain Competitive Advantage In Times of Rapid Change

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Welcome to our very first Podcast episode of ‘In the Loop with CMX’ — and what better way to kick off our podcast than with our longtime clients and friends, Rich Goodman and Tim Foster. Rich is the Vice President of Operation Services at Firehouse Subs, while Tim is the Director of Training. Collectively, they have more than 50 years of experience in the restaurant industry — though it's hard to believe looking at them!



Rich and Tim talked about the importance of being able to adapt to whatever curveballs are thrown at them. They honed in on lessons learned from the pandemic, and gave critical insights on how they achieved record sales volumes during this time, despite shortages and supply chain issues. 


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They also shared their thoughts on how technology can be used to gain a competitive advantage in times of rapid change, and specifically, how the CMX1 platform has helped their brand in ways their previous vendors could not.


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Giving back to the community is part of Firehouse Subs’ DNA. They have a proud history of donating money and equipment to support first responders, military veterans, educational backgrounds, and things like that all over the country. In fact, to date Firehouse Subs has donated over 55 million dollars for these causes! Now that’s truly impressive, and it’s evident we can learn a lot from these guys.


Other discussion points include:

  • How the pandemic has impacted the restaurant industry
  • How Firehouse Subs uses technology to their advantage
  • The importance of your relationship with franchisees
  • How Firehouse Subs does whatever it takes to keep their franchise doors open
  • The value of virtual trainings classes and e-learning in the restaurant industry
  • Exciting new avenues for technology in the restaurant industry

Discussion Highlights

"Some of the challenges we face (and how we dodge curveballs!)"

"Best Sales Volumes Despite Labor Shortages and Supply Chain Issues"

"Advantages and Benefits of Having CMX on Board Compared to Others: Making Rapid Changes"

"With CMX1 the Opportunities Are Endless: We’re Only Scratching the Surface"