Episode #3 — In the Loop with Restaurant Brands International (RBI)

RBI uses the CMX1 platform to manage supply chain and product quality, risk, and compliance management programs across all three brands.

RBI—Using CMX1 to Manage Multi-Brand Quality and Risk

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This ‘In the Loop with CMX’ Podcast episode featured Tiago Brilhante. He is the QA Director at Restaurant Brands International (RBI), the parent company of Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeyes, and now more recently, Firehouse Subs. In the past, the CMX team has co-presented with Tiago at the North American Food Safety and Quality Assurance show. We really enjoyed getting to know him and hearing so many of his great stories!



Tiago highlighted the importance of working as one integrated team, using the same tools, under the same logistics, and implementing and assisting with the same policies for all the brands they support. He spoke of the importance of having a tool that keeps things as simple as possible when managing complex systems.


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From corporate supplier legal documents, agreements, and certifications, to collecting data and identifying patterns, RBI uses CMX1 to integrate their brand standards management, policies and procedures, and quality and safety programs across their brands. 

In Tiago’s own words, CMX helps keep them “as close to mentally sane as possible”!


Other discussion points include:

  • Getting actionable insights to make decisions—not just information overload
  • Consolidating different types of information into useful indicators
  • The ability to zoom to any level: supplier, commodity, category, brand, and even regional and global
  • The value of being data-driven
  • Integrating with, supporting, and following company expectations and initiatives
  • Using the virtual world to your advantage by interacting with suppliers, products, and processes

Discussion Highlights

"Our QA Team Works as One Integrated Team"

"Using the CMX1 Platform Keeps Us Mentally Sane!"

"The Platform Allows Use to Extract Useful Data"

"CMX Helps Us to Keep the System Alive"