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The CX Leader Podcast: 'The Consistent Experience'

Host of the CX Leader Podcast, Steve Walker, welcomes Jim Hardeman, CMX's Chief Marketing Officer, for a discussion on how larger companies create experiences consistent across multiple locations.

The CX Leader Podcast with host, Steve Walker

"The Consistent Experience"

In this episode of The CX Leader Podcast, Jim takes a break from the interviewer's seat and instead straps into the guest seat to discuss how larger companies create consistent experiences across multiple locations — with host, Steve Walker.

"You need to measure what matters. And employees know they know exactly what’s expected because it’s continually being measured and it’s not done in a disruptive or punitive way. It’s done in a way to help people understand, like you said, what is the end zone and where are the guardrails or the or the sidelines to be able to have some freedom and flexibility within. But everybody knows where they’re going and what’s expected.” — Jim Hardeman, CMO for CMX.

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