The definitive guide to building a product recall program

5 critical elements to mitigate risk & protect your brand


An effective recall strategy and management system is imperative for protecting your customers and your brand’s reputation. Taking a digital, comprehensive approach can help you identify issues faster and enable you to take decisive action quickly and efficiently.

Why does it matter?

How you respond to product recalls can significantly impact your business. This best practice guide delves into what constitutes effective recall management. It includes how to build a team and a comprehensive plan, leveraging real-life examples of how leading brands are succeeding with this approach.
We’ve also built a step-by-step guide to performing mock recalls—a vital activity for any organization committed to improving its processes and procedures and getting ahead of future recalls.  Download this best practice guide to learn:
  • Why effective recall management is necessary
  • How to build a comprehensive plan for product recalls & brand protection
  • A step-by-step guide to conducting mock recalls
  • 5 benefits of applying automation & software designed for managing recalls
  • How leading brands manage product recalls efficiently

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