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Checkers & Rally’s empowers employees & drives efficiency gains through CMX1 automation

How the national restaurant chain integrated its operational processes into the X1 platform—creating a more streamlined, simplified system

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By automating its quality and operational processes, Checkers & Rally’s was able to:

  • Create a simpler system for managers & field teams—resulting in saved time, improved KPIs, and stronger employee engagement
  • Track store metrics and build historical data for deeper analysis and more targeted action planning
  • Implement a nearly paperless process, creating saved costs and improved sustainability



Checkers & Rally’s Drive-In Restaurants has been an American staple since 1986, serving up its famous burgers, fries, and shakes to hungry customers for nearly four decades. Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., the brand continues to expand—with more than 800 locations operating across the county today.

Late in 2019, Checkers and Rally’s identified the need for an enterprise software platform that could equip their business with a single source of truth. The restaurant brand began looking for a comprehensive solution for managing restaurant audits, self-assessments, and checklists. At the time, Checkers & Rally's was using software that was overly complex, time-consuming to administer, and difficult to use.

The team checked out no less than 15 different software options before selecting CMX1 to digitize its protocols and operational procedures for a systematic approach to achieving and maintaining quality and operational excellence.


Since its program launch in 2020, Checkers & Rally’s has leveraged the X1 platform to empower restaurant operations team members—at all levels—with an easy-to-use system that fosters accountability, provides transparency, and aligns focus across the enterprise. This included the implementation of:

  • Daily HACCP-based line checks in the restaurants, using integrated Bluetooth thermometers to ensure food safety
  • Food safety and brand standards self-assessments for restaurants to perform each period to prepare for third-party health inspections and audits
  • Construction punch list and walk-through checklist for project teams to ensure new location build-outs and remodels are ready to open
  • Candidate interviews for assessing potential franchisees
  • Franchise business consultant visit to ensure operational excellence
  • Management trainee shift certification assessment
  • Damage inventory form for inspecting restaurants impacted by natural disasters, fire, and accidents

The creation and launch of these automated processes not only made it easier for team members to do their jobs, it provided additional support to help put the “why” behind the process and drive accuracy. This included:

  • Instructional text within the questions, providing more clarity and context
  • A timing function to view how long it takes for team members to fill out forms—flagging if too quick and driving more thorough & accurate responses
  • Supplemental real-time photos taken with the in-app camera for certain forms (e.g., refrigerator temperature digital reads) to prove authenticity


Checkers & Rally’s has seen significant results since launching its partnership with CMX1:

  • Paperless processes - Digitizing its program saves the brand $1000s each month by eliminating the costs for printing & shipping monthly binders and the need for storage facility rental & insurance
  • Higher team engagement - Managers & employees have the automated tools they need for training, driving compliance, and improving performance—all with less guesswork and enhanced accountability
  • Historical data - After building years of metrics, the brand now has reporting data to benchmark & analyze—including hierarchical info that provides both a holistic view and granular focus
“So many things are automatically taken care of through simple configurations and automation. What used to take hours can be accomplished in minutes. And with one platform, we have one system and no silos. The X1 user experience and user interface is cleaner and has a better flow, and it’s incredibly easy to use.”
Danielle Williams
Operations Services Manager II | Checkers & Rally's Restaurants
Operations Services Manager II | Checkers & Rally's Restaurants