What is Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS)?

An EQMS is an enterprise level Quality Management Software solution that allows you to manage departmental or enterprise quality, risk, safety, and compliance. It’s a cross functional system able to automate and monitor processes, and provide insights on information, data, and documents aggregated from internal and external sources. An EQMS can be used to manage vendors including supplier relationship management and other supply chain partners, and the quality and consistency of your products and services. It can also be used to analyze operational performance and compliance for your locations (facilities, factories, stores, restaurants), teams, and employees.

Our EQMS is the CMX1 Platform and it’s a modular solution which means you can start with just one module (e.g., ‘Auditing or Incident Management’) and add additional modules as your needs grow over time. From supplier approval and onboarding to KPI’s and operational execution, CMX1 brings it all together in one platform. 

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What is Audit Management Software?

Audit management software should - ideally - automate and streamline your internal auditing programs, and/or external audit management activities, including 2nd and 3rd party auditing firms. But not all auditing solutions are created equal, so invest the time to determine your specific needs and understand the different types of audit software - then you can align your specific needs with the best-fit audit management solution to address your needs.

What you’ll find is that some tools provide enterprise level functionality for audits, but require expensive customizations, rather than self-service tools to tailor it to your business. Other tools are better suited for simpler checklists or inspections but lack the capabilities needed for businesses with multiple locations, or more complex operational hierarchies. You may also need more workflow automation pre and post audit or remote desk auditing capabilities that not all solutions provide for.

Or get in touch with our team at CMX and we’ll be happy to help you create your vendor shortlist if you’re keen for a head start. We’ve also created some helpful articles to aide you in understanding more about the benefits of audit management software that ranges from simple checklists to comprehensive auditing:


CMX1’s ActivityStudio® enables you to develop and execute audit, desk-audit, self-assessment, inspection, evaluation, checklist (e.g., a ‘facility audit checklist’), and survey programs to drive Operational Excellence in any retail location or facility. Learn more about ActivityStudio®.



What is Food Safety Software?

Food Safety Management Software generally describes an end-to-end digital system used by restaurant chains, convenience-stores, grocery, hotel chains, food manufactures, pet food manufactures, and more within the food and beverage industry to optimize food safety, compliance, risk and operational efficiency. An effective digital food safety management system will enable manufacturers to retail food establishments to ensure compliance with regulatory and voluntary consensus standards like FSMA, GFSI (SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000) and Product HACCP, and Process HACCP Compliance. In fact, some solutions are referred to as a ‘HACCP Compliance Management System’.

CMX’s food safety software solution is trusted by some of the world’s best known food and beverage brands and brings together all aspects of food safety with full visibility over the safety, quality and compliance management of your operations and supply chain



What is Policy Management Software?

Policy Management software enables creation and management of Brand Standards Guides, Policy Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training documentation for company-wide use. The most effective solutions allow you to bring your ‘brand promises’ to life by clearly communicating policy and procedures as an actionable playbook for employees to deliver the optimal customer experience and ensure the quality, safety, compliance, and consistency of operations across all your locations.
With PolicyStudio, CMX1's Policy Management software, thanks to a drag and drop interface, you can quickly create and manage electronic, searchable Brand Standards Guides, Policy Manuals, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training documentation for company-wide use. Equip your team members with up-to-the-minute instructions, examples, and resources to complete any task.

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What is Supply Chain Management Software?

Supply Chain Management Software (SCMS) describes a digital platform or a collection of software modules designed to allow companies to automate and monitor a variety of supply chain related business functions. These functions can be related to the flow of goods and/or services including transactions, but can also include functions related to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), and product sourcing, quality, safety, and risk management. It’s a broad category of software where the specific functionality will vary depending on the industry being addressed, though the more robust solutions will share commonalities regardless of industry. 

The CMX1 Platform addresses the needs of retailers, consumer goods, retail food establishments (restaurants, grocery, convenience stores), and food and beverage manufacturers, with several of the world’s best known brands trusting CMX1 as their supply chain management solution to ensure visibility, transparency and end to end supply chain visualization.

Key capabilities include supplier relationship management, supplier approvals, supplier onboarding, supplier compliance management, supplier performance management, product quality and product safety management, product lifecycle management including product specification management, and nutrition and allergen controls, food quality assurance, food quality incident management, and product recall management.

CMX1 has everything you need to gain complete control and transparency across your supply chain. 

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What is Supplier Onboarding Software?

Partner or supplier onboarding processes will vary depending upon specific industry and customer needs, but common to all should be workflow automation and collaboration tools to onboard suppliers, distributors, and other supply chain-related partners; often with the use of a supplier approval checklist, supplier desk audit, followed by a supplier approval program. 

At the enterprise level, an effective supplier onboarding solution (sometimes referred to as ‘vendor evaluation tools’) will include automation for evaluating, approving and onboarding vendors including the collection and ongoing maintenance of all your master data, information, contacts, facility audits, facility certifications, insurance certificates, general documents and the execution of legal agreements, supplier code of conducts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and the like. Ideally, all of your relationships and information can then be organized and made accessible within a single system.

CMX1’s Partner Onboarding and Maintenance software provides all of these features and ultimately enables your team to be more efficient and consistent in its approach to managing your supplier approval program and vendor onboarding process. 

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What is Vendor Scorecard Software?

Vendor scorecard software (sometimes referred to as ‘vendor evaluation tools’) enables you to assess and monitor the performance of your suppliers / partners by measuring their performance against specific metrics. An effective solution will allow for the incorporation of many different dimensions and weightings, all designed to provide stakeholders with insights that can measure compliance and ultimately drive continuous improvement.

While downloadable Excel based templates such as a supplier scorecard template or vendor evaluation template might be useful for a small business, companies operating at scale will quickly become burdened by all of the data they’re collecting, which is why fast growing and larger brands will have an automated vendor scorecard software solution in place. 

CMX1's data visualization, KPIs, and reports module is trusted globally by brands such as Burger King to measure and compare the performance of their partners. CMX1 can generate vendor scorecards that incorporate both internal and external data to create visual reports and insights. And with scheduling, supplier scorecards are automatically run at defined intervals providing periodic feedback to suppliers/vendors about their performance with trending and comparative analysis made available to your own team.



What is Product Quality and Product Safety Software?

Take away your products and/or services, and you’ll soon be left without a business.  This is why every business needs to ensure their products and services are safe and meet quality requirements which are often defined by a mix of regulatory, industry and brand standards.

However, for companies with many products and services, this fast becomes a complex challenge for Quality Assurance and Operations teams, often leading to the need for Product Quality and Safety software.

An effective solution will include important capabilities for defining your brand standards, policies, and standard operating procedures, audit and checklist management, automated Corrective Action Preventative Action (CAPA) management, to product specification management, features to manage and monitor all your ongoing product tests, evaluations, and inspections, and for automating incident management, and product recall management.

CMX1 is a leading example of an end-to-end product quality and safety software solution, with core features including automation and ongoing monitoring that enable some of the world’s best known brands to establish and maintain the highest levels of product quality, compliance, safety, and consistency from sourcing to consumption.


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What is Quality Incident Management Software?

Quality Incident Management software (also commonly referred to as 'Complaint Management Software' enables the reporting and resolution of product quality, delivery, and customer-related issues. Effective solutions will also provide data integrations and electronic forms, with conditional questions and data validation, to expedite incident reporting and ultimately help to minimize the risk of similar incidents occurring again in the future.
CMX1’s Quality Incident Management Software bolsters your overall commitment to quality assurance with web-based tools to manage each product incident (aka ‘product complaint’) through resolution. Case management automation speeds the resolution and processing of credit or replacement when products are damaged from delivery, out-of-date, contain foreign objects, or don't meet your quality requirements.

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What is Recall Management software?

With an effective Supply Chain Quality Management System (SCQMS) in place, the risk of a product recall event occurring can be significantly reduced. However, the risk can never be entirely removed so organizations should always be prepared to manage a product withdrawal or product recall, whether it relates to the discovery of a food safety issue or a general product defect, in order to protect the health and safety of their customers, as well as minimizing the risk of legal repercussions and impact to brand reputation.

Recall Management Software should automate product recall procedures from investigation, identification, and notifications, to product recovery, record keeping, and reporting - and ideally it should do all of this in real-time so that all stakeholders have access to information without communication delays.

CMX1’s Recall Management Software (which can also be used for non-food related product recalls too) provides all of these features and more, with end-to-end product recall management (including mock recall simulations) and automated phone, email, and text notifications enabling you to contact 1000's of parties simultaneously with product identification information, photos, and detailed instructions on how to proceed. 

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What is Checklist Software?

Checklist Software enables you to digitally create and manage checklists for  procedures like opening or closing a location, employee shift changes, environmental checks like bathroom checks, or general inspections of conditions, cleanliness, safety or task completion.   

Ideally, you want Checklist Software that offers you the following capabilities:

  • Visual tools for creating forms with drag -and-drop functionality to easily rearrange the order of your checklists;

  • The ability to easily create different checklists that are appropriate to the team or location where performed.

  • The ability to schedule certain checklists to be completed during specific times (e.g. daypart, shift, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.);

  • The ability to perform checklists with mobile devices using a browser or native apps;

  • Automated recordkeeping for compliance and reporting purposes


CMX1’s  ActivityStudio® enables you to develop and execute everything from simple checklists to in-depth audits, desk-audits, self-assessments, inspections, and evaluations to drive Operational Excellence in any retail location or facility.

Learn more about ActivityStudio®.


What is Auditing Software?

Auditing Software allows you to digitally automated and streamline any internal or external auditing process for your company or supply chain — from planning, scheduling and performing the actual audit, to addressing non-conformances and reporting. It’s a more automated and effective way to manage risk, ensure compliance, and drive operational performance and continuous improvement.

Ideally, you want Auditing Software with self-service tools that allow you to customize your forms to fit your unique business’s needs. If you have an organization with multiple locations, you will also find it helpful to easily aggregate the results by location type, geography or any other hierarchical structure important to how you run your business.

We recommend Audit Software that provides the following capabilities:

  • The ability to easily create your own audit templates and forms;

  • The ability to create a library of questions and policies to be used across forms (make a change, update it everywhere!);

  • Visual tools for creating forms with drag-and-drop functionality to easily rearrange and insert new content into your audits;

  • The ability to easily create different types of audits including pre- and post- activities or even “desk audits” for remote audits;

  • The ability to schedule your audits (and re-audits) based on business rules;

  • The ability to perform audits with mobile devices using a browser or native apps;

  • Automated recordkeeping for compliance and reporting purposes.

CMX1’s ActivityStudio® enables you to develop and execute audit, desk-audit, self-assessment, inspection, evaluation, survey programs, checklists and more to drive Operational Excellence in any retail location or facility.

Learn more about ActivityStudio®.


What is Internal Auditing Software?

Internal Auditing Software allows you to automate and streamline the auditing processes within your organization—from policy and procedure development, to planning, scheduling and performing audits, to report creation, addressing non-conformances, and data visualization and reporting. 

There are several reasons why more businesses are going digital for their internal auditing processes:

  • You save time and money through automation and digital transformation;
  • You spend less time writing reports and compiling data and get to work on addressing risk and focus on improving your training and SOPs;
  • You get better and more complete data  that can be analyzed  more easily to help you make better business decisions.
  • You can properly identify trends and non-compliances before they become systemic issues.

With CMX’s Internal Auditing Software, you ensure corrective actions are being taken, and you have automated recordkeeping to prove it. CMX1’s  ActivityStudio® enables companies of any type and size to develop and execute internal auditing programs, as well as desk-audits, self-assessments, inspections, surveys, and simple checklists all designed to drive Operational Excellence, and ensure compliance in any retail location or facility.

Learn more about ActivityStudio®.