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What is an Enterprise Quality Management (EQMS)?

An EQMS allows you to manage departmental or enterprise quality, risk, safety, and compliance. It’s a cross functional system able to automate and monitor processes, and provide insights on information, data, and documents aggregated from internal and external sources. An EQMS can be used to manage vendors including supply chain partners, and the quality and consistency of your products and services. It can also be used to analyze operational performance and compliance for your locations (facilities, factories, stores), teams, and employees.

Our EQMS is the CMX1 Platform and it’s a modular solution which means you can start with just one module (EG: ‘Auditing or Incident Management’) and add additional modules as your needs grow over time. From supplier approval and onboarding to KPI’s and operational execution, CMX1 brings it all together in one platform. 

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What is Audit Management Software?

Audit management software should - ideally - automate and streamline your internal and/or external audit management activities. But not all solutions are created equal, so invest the time to determine your specific needs and understand the different types of audit software - then you can align your specific needs with the best-fit audit management solution to address your needs. What you’ll find is that some tools provide enterprise level functionality for audits, but require expensive customizations, rather than self-service tools to tailor it to your business. Other tools are better suited for simpler checklists or inspections but lack the capabilities needed for businesses with multiple locations, or more complex operational hierarchies. You may also need more workflow automation pre and post audit or remote desk auditing capabilities that not all solutions provide for.

Or get in touch with our team at CMX and we’ll be happy to help you create your vendor shortlist if you’re keen for a head start. We’ve also created some helpful articles to aide you in understanding more about the benefits of audit management software that ranges from simple checklists to comprehensive auditing:


CMX1’s ActivityStudio® enables you to develop and execute audit, desk-audit, self-assessment, inspection, evaluation, checklist (EG, a ‘facility audit checklist’), and survey programs to drive Operational Excellence in any retail location or facility. Learn more about ActivityStudio®.



What is Quality Incident Management Software?

Quality Incident Management software enables the reporting of product quality, delivery, and customer-related issues through to successful resolution. Effective solutions will also provide data integrations and electronic forms, with conditional questions and data validation, to expedite incident reporting and ultimately help to minimize the risk of similar incidents occurring again in the future.
CMX1’s Quality Incident Management Software bolsters your overall commitment to quality assurance with web-based tools to manage each product incident (aka ‘product complaint’) through resolution. Case management automation speeds the resolution and processing of credit or replacement when products are damaged from delivery, out-of-date, contain foreign objects, or don't meet your quality requirements.

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What is Policy Management Software?

Policy Management software enables creation and management of Brand Standards Guides, Policy Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training documentation for company-wide use. The most effective solutions allow you to bring your ‘brand promises’ to life by clearly communicating policy and procedures as an actionable playbook for employees to deliver the optimal customer experience and ensure the quality, safety, compliance, and consistency of operations across all your locations.
With PolicyStudio, CMX1's Policy Management software, thanks to a drag and drop interface, you can quickly create and manage electronic, searchable Brand Standards Guides, Policy Manuals, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training documentation for company-wide use. Equip your team members with up-to-the-minute instructions, examples, and resources to complete any task.

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